What are the Main Parts of an Automobile Engine?

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Engine is a device that produces power. It is made by various parts bolted together and they work together to achieve power by burning of fuel. These parts are given below:

1. Cylinder Block:

Cylinder block or Cylinder are main part of an engine. It is a part in which combustion of fuel takes place. All other parts like piston, connecting rod, crankshaft,water jacket etc. are bolted on it.

2. Piston:

Piston is placed in the cylinder and transmits thrust to the connecting rod. It is free to move. It compresses the air fuel mixture and convert the fuel energy into mechanical energy. It transmits the power to the crankshaft.

3. Cylinder Head:

Cylinder head is fitted on the top of cylinder block and the function of the cylinder head is to seal the working end of cylinder and not to permit entry and exit of gases on cover head valves of the engine. The valves, spark plug, camshaft etc are fitted on it.

4. Connecting Rod:

It connect piston to the crank shaft and transmit the motion and thrust of piston to crank shaft. The lower end of connecting rod is connected to the piston and the bigger is connected to the crank shaft.

5. Crank Shaft:

It is located in the bottom end of cylinder block. It transmits the reciprocating motion of piston into rotary motion. This rotary motion used to rotate wheels of the vehicle.

6. Oil Sump:

It is bolted at the lower end of the cylinder block. All the oil for lubricating the movable parts is placed in it.

7. Camshaft:

It is fitted either in the cylinder head or at the bottom of the cylinder block. It is use to open or close valves at proper timing in multi-cylinder engine.

8. Valves:

It is fitted on the cylinder head. It regulates the flow of air fuel mixture inside the cylinder and exhaust gas outside the cylinder block. When both inlet and exhaust valves are closed no pressure can go inside or outside of cylinder block.

9. Spark Plug:

It is used in Petrol engine (Spark Ignition Engine). It is fitted on the cylinder head. It is used to ignite the air fuel mixture inside the cylinder at the end of each compression stroke.

10. Injector:

It is used in Diesel engine (Compression Ignition Ingine). It is fitted on the cylinder head. It is used to inject fuel in spray form inside the cylinder at the end of compression stroke.

11. Push Rod:

It is used when the camshaft is situated in the bottom of the cylinder head. It regulates the timing of valves open and close through rocker arm and camshaft.

12. Manifold:

It is bolted on the cylinder head one each for intake and exhaust. Its function is to evenly distribute air-fuel mixture for intake & collects the exhaust gases from all cylinders.

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13. Piston Rings:

It provides the good sealing fit and less friction resistance between piston and cylinder. It is split at one point so it can be easily installed into the grooves cut in the piston.

14. Gaskets:

It is used to seal the cylinder head and cylinder so no pressure is allowed to escape. It is placed between the cylinder block and cylinder head.

15. Gudgeon Pin (Piston Pin):

It is the parallel spindles fitted through the piston boss and connecting rod small end. It connects the piston to the connecting rod.

16. Engine Bearing:

Bearings are used to support the moving parts. The purpose of bearings is to reduce friction. The crankshaft is supported by bearing. In engine two types of bearing are used sliding bearing and rolling bearing.

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Source: http://www.mechanicalbooster.com/2014/02/what-are-main-parts-of-automobile-engine.html?m=1
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